Examples Of Sacrifice In Good Country People

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Sacrifices are made every day take someone on a subway, for example, people give up their seats every day to make someone else more comfortable. In Flannery O’Connor’s Good
Country People where a girl gets her prosthetic leg stolen, in Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt where two parents are killed by their children, and in Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery where a woman is stoned to death. The reader will be able to see the effects sacrifices and how sacrifices also have unnecessary repercussions using these texts. Sacrifices make people question all aspects of life.
Although sacrifices are sometimes necessary, they can create unnecessary repercussions; sacrifices question morality versus social norms, reveals how people protect themselves , and questions where to draw the line,
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Morality is also being questioned because sometimes people sacrifice something very important to them just to conform to a social norm or code just to fit into a certain group of people. George Hadley is shown conforming to a social norm when he describes his home as “a miracle of efficiency selling for an absurdly low price”(Bradbury 2). He later says “Every home should have one”(Bradbury 2). George Hadley is an example of conforming to a social norm because he is talking about how everybody should live in a more technologically advanced house meaning he wants people to do as he does. George also shows he has no care for others to form their own opinion in which they house they live in. Mr. Adams says to Old Man Warner, “That over in north village they’re talking about giving up the lottery”(Jackson 26). Old Man Warner makes a rebuttal saying that the people in those villages are crazy for giving up the lottery. Old
Man Warner wants people to conform to their societies norm instead of letting their society make their own moral decisions. Sacrifices help people to make their own decisions based on