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Monday, October 6, 2014 7:00 P.M. East Middle School 305 River Street

School Committee Present: Cyril Chafe/Thomas Devin/Lisa Fiske Heger/George Kokoros /David Ringius/Mayor Joseph Sullivan

Administration: Superintendent of Schools – Dr. Maureen Murray Assistant Superintendent of Schools – Ms. Jennifer Fay-Beers

Student Representatives: Gregory Ford/Sarah Murphy/Joseph Walsh/Alex Weingart

Recorder: Diane Intravaia


Mr. Ringuis called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. The School Committee took a brief recess beginning at 9:04p.m. and reconvened at 9:15p.m. Please note Mayor Sullivan had to leave the School Committee meeting at 9:20p.m.


A. Approval of Minutes

VOTED UNANIMOUSLY: Upon a motion by Mr. Kokoros and seconded by Mr. Devin to approve the minutes for the Open Session of September 22, 2014.

Mr. Chafe/Mr. Devin/ Ms. Fiske Heger/Mr. Kokoros/
Mr. Ringius/Mayor Sullivan

B. Commendations:
- Perfect MCAS Scores
Dr. Murray reported 13 students at the high school, 61 students at the middle schools, and 49 students at the elementary schools had earned perfect MCAS scores. Dr. Murray commended the students, parents and teachers of these students and thanked them for their support.
- BHS Show Choir
Congratulations to the Concert Choir for their part in the beautiful program, Rolling Thunder, which the Mayor’s office and the Town of Braintree held to commemorate and remember POWs and MIAs. There is a chair in Town Hall that has been commemorated. The choir performed under the direction of Rachel Hallenbeck.

- Braintree Gardeners’ Guild
Dr. Murray thanked the Gardeners’ Guild for generously donating books again this year to all of our schools at each level.
- Voya Financial
Dr. Murray commended Voya Financial volunteers, recruited by Voya employee and former Ross parent, Jim Lynch. They pulled weeds, spread mulch, planted a wide variety of annual and perennial flowers and planted vegetables in the Ross School’s vegetable garden. Along with donating their time, Voya Financial also purchased and donated all of the flowers, vegetables and mulch from Skinner Overlook.


Braintree Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)
Dr. Murray welcomed Ms. Suzanne Brouillard and Ms. Kristen Zechello from Braintree Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC). Each year SEPAC visits and provides a brief presentation to the School Committee and explaining what SEPAC is all about and the wonderful programs they have planned for the coming year.

Ms. Brouillard thanked everyone for their time and recognized this is the first SEPAC presentation for new committee members, Mr. Chafe, Mr. Kokoros, and Ms. Jennifer Fay-Beers. Ms. Brouillard is looking forward to working and collaborating with the School Committee this coming year.

SEPAC is a parent run organization that serves as a resource to parents and guardians of children who have special needs and learning differences. The organization works in partnership with the Braintree Public School Administration on matters relating to the education and safety of students. SEPAC works to encourage understanding, respect, acceptance and inclusion of all students. In addition, it also provides opportunities for parents and guardians to share experiences, exchange information, and learn more about challenges facing today’s students.

SEPAC mission is to promote inclusion, parent support, training and workshops, community education and outreach, and a partnership with the school committee and administration.

Last year in 2013-2014, there were three areas of focus; one was to assist the district in working towards educating all students in the “Least Restrictive Environment” by expanding Special Education programming to decrease the number of students requiring out of district placements. The second was to initiate ways to