Examples Of Social Interactions And Relations

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How do my social interactions and relations shape my sense of “here and now”?

My social interactions and relations have been shaped by space and time in many ways. Events and standard time are a major factor in structuring my time. Interactions with groups and people help shape my sense of space and are connected to different dominant institutions. Previous interactions and relations have helped unify my sense of time and space. Also, my social interactions and relations have changed my ideas about space and time and also relate to the way I think of myself. Events and standard time units structure my time by keeping a schedule. Standard time is the development of coordination of activities and social life. Standardizing time
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21). In that case, certain knowledge I have obtained over time will be and is the same pattern over time. Although there is postmodern where we were entering a new age compared to the modern where we have had all types of new innovations that were once institutionalized but have been renovated over a pattern of time. Now my sense of time and space is more important to me because the knowledge that I once obtained and institutionalized has now come back to importance over a pattern of time and is being used in a higher level of study and understanding.

The people and groups that I interact with are connected to various dominant institutions by the way they act, what they do, where they live, who their friends are, and much more. The dominant institutions I am around and see are very materialistic. It affects people’s lives because if your not that certain way then you are seen as not as good as them or an “outsider”. So instead of feeling like that then most people follow with the dominant institution or the one with the most power or the most “popular”. There are many conflicts between the demands of various institutions. Some people are unable to meet the “standards” of that certain institution which may make it seem like they are not good enough or may be considered in a lower institution. It is what you make it to be. There is no group that has absolute power and it should not degrade you. In