Examples Of Temptation In The Crucible

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Every second of our lives, we struggle with temptation. We are tempted to steal, lie and/or cheat. In an excerpt from the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Abigail Williams attempts to tempt John Proctor into having another sexual affair with her. Anne Bradstreet’s poem, “The Flesh and the Spirit,” explains the contradictory thoughts and temptations in the human mind in a conversation between Flesh and Spirit. Hozier compares his lover to the Catholic Church, attempting to show the hypocrisy of the Church in his song, “Take me to Church.” In these works, temptation is portrayed as something tangible and powerful, and is frowned upon. Temptation is shown as a worldly, tangible thing. This is shown in The Crucible when Abigail tries to convince