Examples Of The Totalitarian System In China

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March 19, 2014

Dear Kim Jong­nu I’ve noticed that the Totalitarian System is part of your country. A Totalitarian System is when they control everything in that country. Some examples of a Totalitarian System would be the way people in your country put wired fences by the river to china because people would try to escape North Korea. Why does your state have really nice markets but do not have anything for sale inside them? It’s meant to be just for display, but it fools people who don’t know the reality in your state. People who do not live there are not allowed to film in some places because your country does not want information to be driven out of there and shown or sent to other places.
Maybe it’s because you all have something to hide to protect and to keep to yourself. I don’t understand why does your country make films or announce that where your people live it’s a happy place for everyone if ¾ of those poor innocents don’t have shelters and there so many illnesses spreading in those places. And one of the things that I think is useless is to punish the whole family for something one single person did. I mean yes, I get it that one person did wrong but why does his or her punishment have to go to their innocent family. I believe that if your country wasn’t very strict then you wouldn’t have to punish or kill. Maybe if you let your people have freedom and you all helped each other then your country would no longer be talked bad about and