Examples Of Totalitarianism In George Orwell's '1984'

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The government in Oceania is very Totalitarian. The government is not willing to allow any ideas outside of the ones they have. The control everything, freedom, money, even the thoughts of the people by using fear and manipulation. The government is called The Party. Big Brother is the leader of The Party, even though no one knows who exactly Big Brother is he still has a lot of power over the people. There is the Inner Party and the Outer Party. The Inner Party is full of those who work in the Ministry Of Love. Ministry of Love are those who work in the law and must keep order. They also consist of the Thought Police, they arrest people for committing thought crimes. The Outer Party is full of those work in the other Ministries. The main character Winston works in the Truth Ministry where he alters the history and changes what people think so that it doesn't hurt the Party later on.

Winston writes in his new diary for the first time on his lunch break. This diary is used by Winston as a tool to express how he feels about the government and how he feels about other people. Having the diary in his possession is a punishable offense. Winston could face at least twenty-five years in a forced labor camp or even be put to death if his diary is found. Even if the contents of the diary were found he could be
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They are the people who look the best in the eyes of the government. The Parsons are the ideal family, but they are so flawed. The mom pauses when she speaks, has many creases in her face but is somewhat young, and obviously fearful of her children. The way she is described and how she is covered with dust may be somewhat of a way to say that she is surrounded by death. While the children are very angry and act as spies for the government. The new generation is getting brainwashed by the government. The way the family carries themselves, this ideal perfect family is attached to death and