Examples Of Transcendentalism In Frederick Douglass

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Author Frederick Douglass, who is considered one of the greatest American authors, wrote during the Transcendentalism period. He wrote Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave, written in 1845, we can see evidence of the characteristics, themes and style identified with the Transcendentalism movement which was extant in American letters between 1836 and 1860. Frederick Douglass wrote during this time period of American literature, and as such, remains one of the most identifiable iconic writers of his time. Frederick Douglass was born in February without ever knowing the date, but later …show more content…
They fell in love and she gave it all her will to help Douglass escape. In September 1838 Douglass dressed up in a sailor’s uniform and escaped on a train, he traveled towards Havre de Grace, Maryland. From Maryland he went on to New York City and temporarily settled there, he and his wife had over five kids. In 1841 he met William Lloyd, founder of The Liberator, at an anti-slavery meeting, he motivated Douglass to share his story and to help him build up his career. By 1845 he published his very first book “Narrative Of The Life of Frederick Douglass An American Slave”, which became very popular. One of his former owners, Thomas Auld, became jealous of Douglass and went looking for him to take him back since he was his “property”. Douglass sailed over to the UK for over two years and found a group of English admirers who made a deal with him, so he could purchase his freedom back from his owner. Once Douglass came back and the Civil War began rising, he supported the war because he hoped that it would end slavery, though he did not like Abraham