Examples Of Unexpecty Expecting

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Unexpectedly Expecting
Natasha Johnson
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ENG1001 S01
Unexpectedly Expecting
The moment I awoke in this morning, I immediately wished for the next evening to be here. My insides were knotted. The dread that had been circling over me for the past three days fell full upon me like a ton of bricks. Having to tell your mom that our pregnant at the age of eight-teen wasn’t exactly a great thing, unfortunately for me today was that day. I hated the feeling of letting her down; there was no time that I felt more awkward than right now. Ever since I found out that I was expecting, I had agonized over this day coming, my anxiety growing with every passing day. I wished I could just run away and never look back, but if there were ever a time that I needed my mom, now was definitely it.
Instead of running away, maybe I can escape back into my dreams, I thought.
In my dreams I could be anything that I wanted to be, and at the time I didn’t want to be a pregnant teenager. I had to face reality, and my mom was just something that I would have to deal with. So, however reluctantly, I rose from my twin bed with my purple comforter to face the day ahead of me.
I peered out the window and watched as all of the morning traffic was shuffling by. I began to think about how exactly I would tell her this information and the different scenarios of how she would take it. I began to day dream and think about how we always go to the local farmers market on the weekends and set up tables that offer all manner of finely crafted goods such as handmade jewelry, and painted pottery, and that this little thing was going to change all of that.
A plump tangerine sun had just risen over the horizon, making the sky bruise purple and bleed orange. Waking under the newborn sky was normally one of my favorite times of the day, but not today. I draped an arm over my eyes to block out the morning sun. I bent over and bundled up my pajamas. I placed them in a corner of my bedroom before descending the steps that led down into the family room. As always, my mom was sitting on the couch drinking her morning coffee and watching the news.
Sighing, I crossed the room to sit across from her on the opposite couch, threw the paper the doctor had given me stating that the pregnancy test was positive on to the table, and got directly up and walked into the kitchen to eat my breakfast before school. Although I wasn’t particularly hungry yet, I wanted to eat before the arguing started and before I had to leave for class because I knew that if I didn’t eat I would regret it later, when the morning sickness kicked in. I had heart burn so bad it was making me sick to my stomach. I’d drunken the last of the milk at yesterday’s dinner, which usually helps, so that meant that I had to