Examples Of Utopia In The Giver

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The Better Utopia What do you know about the perfect Utopia? The book The Giver, by Lois Lowry has better characteristics of a utopian society. Then again, others may think “2BR02B”, by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., represents a superior utopian society. The Giver better represents a utopian society than “2BR02B”. The Giver is a perfect society. In the story, it states, “She was a good student, quiet and polite, but she had a sense of fun as well” (Lowry, 35). People in this society are nice and happy to one another. There is peace and equality between everyone yet it is fun and enjoyable. In Jonas’s view, “He remembered when he had become an eight as Lilly would shortly, and had been faced with that freedom of choice” (Lowry, 33). Even though the community is controlled, …show more content…
In order to explain, “All diseases were conquered, so was old age” (Vonnegut, 2). This society allows you to live for as long as you choose, until you decide to end it yourself. This is wrong because people are offered too much power over how long they live. This causes conflict for the population count. Another viewpoint is, “The population of the U.S. was stabilized at 40 million souls” (Vonnegut, 1). The society is controlled to the number of people that live there. Babies that are born must get killed off if there is no volunteer to die for their lives. The downside of this is that people in the society must know that they will die in a gas chamber for someone else and perhaps not fulfill their whole life. The society in “2BR02B” is considered an utopia by some, but overall The Giver is the better utopia. Though some may think “2BR02B” is a better utopia, The Giver is the better representation. The giver is a better example of a utopian society than “2BR02B”. The giver is the perfect society. Whereas others will view “2BR02B” as the perfect utopia. Both are good stories, but a utopia is only achievable in one's