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SABAS plan-it wedding

Saman Aziz (36) Ayesha Sohail (36) Bakhtawar Tahir (3634) Asma Rukhsar (3630) Sana Kamran (3629)

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We dedicate this business plan to our teacher Ma’am Javeria, who taught us to think, understand and express. We feel that without her inspiration, guidance and dedication, we would have not been able to come up with this business idea.

Executive summary
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To give happiness and perfection, SABAS wedding planners will be a renowned business in RAWALPINDI. This name revolves around the concept that your wedding means a world to us in which we live in.

People require planners who can provide services that can make a bride and groom’s wedding dream come true. The unique characteristic in our business is that everything will be according to the customer’s wishes and needs. Our goal will reflect upon our customer satisfaction through our uniqueness and the ability to create ways which are appealing to the eye and the customers will agree to say that:

We had a fantastic day. Everything was just as we wanted it to be. We did not want the day to end!”

PLAN-IT will plan your wedding in such a way that it reflects your personality as a couple. It will be guided by all the partners who share the values like Excellence, Honesty and Integrity, Fairness, Resourcefulness, Creativity, Innovation,
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They will be responsible for all the activities involved in making our services known to the customers and forming an image in the business world. Some of these duties involve:
 Formulating the marketing strategies.
 Conducting research about the needs of target market.
 Thinking of and creating ways to reach the customers e.g designing a web page so that this business is recognizable in the on line market.
 Creating awareness of the business through social media (e.g Facebook).
 Effective advertisement through pamphlets, banners and billboards etc.
Public Dealing:

A good wedding planner will also need good communication skills. This job will be done by Saman Aziz. His responsibility will be:
 To deal with the customers and give satisfying deals to them according to their requirements and sign contracts with them.
 To stay in touch with the customers and update and involve them
 Facilitating seller-consumer relationship.
 Negotiating and signing contracts with the suppliers and ensuring their availability on time.
 Working with marketing managers to develop programs related to the public information.

Finance manager:

This job will be performed by Asma Rukhsar and Sana Kamran. She will be responsible