Examples Of Writing An As & R

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Eric Ruiz
February 10, 2015
How to write an AS&R
1. The main goal of a summary is for a writer to be able to give a brief, concise explanation of the meaning found in the principle concepts and ideas that will be introduced and explored in the essay. The summary should include the essays thesis and the primary supporting examples that hold up the argument the thesis makes. It also should choose a wider more general synopsis and be more concise than the initial work.
2. In a response the main goal would be to persuade the reader into believing your argument. The response is made up with opinions, judgments and beliefs about the literary piece that is being summarized. Points in favor and against should be made illustrating certainties that would support your perspective.
3. The role of the writer in drafting the summary is to effectively convey to the reader an organized briefing of the main points the paper will focus on. The writer is obligated to give credit to the original author and name the title of the work usually in the first sentence. Facts and details that support the thesis should be demonstrated along with the thesis by the writer in the summary.
4. When the writer is drafting the response his role is that of a convincer. The writer wants to convince the reader their perspective about the work is valid and supported. Opinions are the main content of the response. Judgments about the original essay must be made by the writer in the response and beliefs