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Favorite Brand
For the past 15 years, I have been a loyalty costumer of Nike shoe. Reason of choice was easy to talk about Nike’s shoe was the design of the shoe, the comfortable of wearing it, and the offering Nike has to offer was great. I’m not trying to say the design of Adidas or Reebok or any other brands of shoe line were bad, I just think Nike have an edge over them.
When is come to design, Nike did an outstanding job providing their customers the option to customized their own shoe, “They were one of the pioneering companies that began the whole custom-shoe craze, and it makes sense that their NikeID site is so awesome. Once you get there, choose between a large numbers of athletic shoes to customize. There are tons of details you can customize including: colors, materials, text, width, and more.” ("Design Your Own Shoes", 2013). I had entered the site NikeID a few times and created two pairs of Nike with my own design, and both pairs of shoe turn out how I wanted at the first place. I believed with this method of marketing Nike introduced to the customers was superior, its allowing people to create or build the pairs of shoe of how they wanted and also the price was the same with the original pair.
After you had a favorite pair of shoe, you definitely want test drive on it. Nike’s shoe known for its best comfortable and help protect feet to the fullest. According to NIKE, Inc. (2014), "We knew if we could blend the best of both attributes, we would create a unique, ultra-lightweight, responsive cushioning experience that did not exist,” says Hoffer. “Our goal was to enlighten people and invent a whole new system.”(Para 4). Athletes around the world looking are forward to have a sponsor like Nike behind their back as well as providing them the Nike’s gear for their tournament also daily wear. Nike by far has the most comfortable shoe to wear in any categories we can name from walking, running, tennis, soccer, etc. I believe the choice can be easy to make when it comes to decide what to shoe to wear.
When I look at the price of Nike’s shoe, I thought it’s too high for a low-class family to afford a pair of shoe, because you are looking at $90-$220 for a pair. With the price is set at that high, people would walk away if they in a low class family, but as for me I was lucky enough to have a family member worked for Nike, and I have that 50% off on anything from Nike which makes it easy for me to stay with Nike for the past 15 years.
Looking back of Nike to the current financial situation I believe Nike had been the most successful company in the apparel field. “In less than a decade, his marketing savvy and uncompromising competitiveness had transformed the athletic-shoe industry and made Nike one of the most successful and widely recognized brand names in the world.” (Entrepreneur/Philip Knight, 2008). They have established a great marketing form that make customers and myself keep coming back to buy their products. They know how to coordinate the designing team to come up with new ideas that caught the attention of buyers, and the marketing team did a wonderful job introducing to the public. I also know they been trying to get some their products at a low price where is possible for those low classes family can afford a pair of their shoe. Not only Nike’s base is in United States, but they also well-known global company as well. If you ask whether they success or not, I definitely think the answer is yes they are so success. Not only financially, but they also success in all form in their company from management team, design team, marketing team, and to the floor of the production.
In this industry, there are many competitors that create a challenge for Nike. Adidas is by the most competitor of Nike, but there are other as wells like Reebok, Fila, and others. Reebok’s shoes are nice but their shoes do not show great attraction and its can easily lose people attention. Beside the changes in color of Reebok’s