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Carols Chum
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23rd November, 2013
Many students immediately panic when they are faced with the task of taking their exams. Other students may be even do not know what would be in the exams due to failure to study for it. An exam is just questions the teacher gives out to the students to test whether they have understood the topic or not. Doing well on exams involves various steps including attending and understanding the lectures in class, asking questions, reading for it and revising for it.
First, students must regularly attend their classes. They have to adhere to their schedule for the classes. This involves students understanding when their classes are. In addition, they have to study prior to their class lectures so that they can understand the topics and even give them time to ask questions where things are not understood. However, understanding the concept varies from one student to another. Some students get the concepts by just paying attention to class lesson, others by reading prior to class and other understand by reading after the class. For instance, John is a student of biology. He normally studies prior to his classes and asks a question when he doesn’t understand while Miriam just pays attention in class then reads after the lectures. When it comes to exams, both the students will pass because they took their initiatives of understanding and paying attention to concepts in class.
Next, students should study for their exams in advance. This involves going through their course work. This is the most important part of exams, as students will have time and chances to understand the concepts they missed in class and ask concepts what they did not get. The various forms of revising are reading the chapters, studying in groups or going through the old exams. Besides these, it also involves asking questions during class lessons. At the end of studying students will be confident and comfortable to answer any given question. For example, my friend Joan always likes to study alone in the library a couple days before exams as she gets ready for her exams. Whenever exams she is always ready for it because she has given time prior to exams time. Therefore studying in advance will give students time to understand and ask questions for them to succeed.
Last, students are almost always given