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1.) I believe that the world that we live in is a technology driven world. All types of people are using technology of some kind these days. From young children to elderly adults, technology is everywhere. Understanding technology and how it works is key in our world. People use their smart phones and computers these days to read the news and find out about world events. You don’t see too many people reading newspapers anymore. The existence of technology also means that you can get more information than ever before there are millions of sources on the internet to choose something if you want to know it. Being proficient with technology means that you can find out whatever you want essentially, so you’ll never really be left in the dark on certain issues. You can watch live feeds from your computer or mobile device on important people talking about their country. I know German Chancellor Angela Merkel uses technology to really get in touch with her people. She entertains questions from civilians about many different subjects and answers them. That is just one example among many about how being proficient with technology can help you get involved in world issues.

2.) Technology is key in directing society. If you post something on social media of you doing something outrageous and enough people see it, you start seeing people all over the world doing what you were doing. The ALS ice bucket challenge spread all over the country so quickly and raised so much money for a cause it’s outstanding. Society lives off of technology which can have its ups and downs. Anyone in the world can make a big impact on society with technology. All it takes is to make an application that catches fire or make a social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Once you do that, people start jumping on the bandwagon. Another way to direct society is to post your opinions on the internet. If you read an articles that someone put on the internet and you strongly believe in it and then you spread it to your friends who spread it to their friends and so on you can have a following on people thinking like you do. The beauty of technology is that anyone can manipulate it in any way they want and gain a following. If you can use technology and start a following that grows over time, you can change the direction of society.

3.) To be computer literate means to really understand computers and terms used to describe them. In order to do this one must learn the basics to computer systems. One who is not computer literate would not understand a thing about a computer. They wouldn’t know how to turn one on or how to open a program or how to set up a computer. It is very important to be computer literate these days because we are surrounded by technology. The computer has become so common it’s like having a phone or a common item. This generation is going heavy on technology testing is being done on computers at young ages. Kids and adults as well are almost expected to be computer literate in today’s world it’s almost unheard of to have someone who doesn’t