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Except Those Darn Christians It used to be that one could not express his or her beliefs publicly without being subject to judgment and even ridicule. But no longer, times have changed and so have social norms. I find it extremely vexing that there is still even a hint of condescension over differing religions. After all, it is silly to let one differing opinion so efficiently divide humanity. I would like to address now, this problem again once and for all. We should start off expelling these negative thoughts at a young age. That is why our first step in completely moving past this religious segregation should be to allow free discussion and reverence of all religions in school. Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear about the unique diets of Hindus verse Jews? Just imagine how culturally versed our children will be after they get to sit at a table between a proud Muslim and a devout Buddhist. However, like all great ideas, there should be exceptions. Most religions are easy to get along with and to accept because they aim to better humans, all except those darn Christians. Christians are still living in the past, a time when there’s only room for one God and if you don’t accept the free gift of life from Jesus Christ’s death, you’re going to hell. Where’s the good in that? No one wants to be forced to make decisions. Plus, Christianity is literally the only religion that is completely focused on glorifying God rather than humans. Buddhists have the reward of reaching nirvana, Mormons get their own planet when they die, but what do Christians get? Only a promise of a life ridden with trials and adversity, and then a heaven that centers on worshipping their God 24/7. That is why it is best to exclude Christians from this general rule. Next, the law against religious discrimination in workplaces needs to be highly enforced, with more thorough background checks on the people who hire new employees as well as threats for higher punishment. Wiccans would make exceptionally good employees as they can use their magic to their employer’s advantage. However, Scientologists are arguably the most incomparable employees as they claim to be immortal beings with great potential. But, let’s keep in mind that even Satanists would make