Exceptional Nursing Research Paper

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Exceptional nursing care is deeper than ensuring that one’s patients are safe. Anyone can say that they want to be a nurse, but actions speak louder than words. The nursing profession requires hard work and tears, and has never been considered “easy”. Nursing students spend days and nights studying just to pass the NCLEX, in order to go out into the world and help patients. Through all the textbooks and studying, we learn to master test-taking strategies. What instructors can’t teach a student is how to become an exceptional nurse. An exceptional nurse provides their patients with competent care, a listening ear, and a hand to hold when they need it the most. SSM holds high values for their employees, which I respect. When providing care, …show more content…
An excellent nurse ensures that his or her charting is complete while maintaining a trusting relationship with their patient. In order to gain trust from our patients, we must prove to them that they are our first priority. Thirdly, respect must be given to each and every patient. I strongly feel that every patient should be treated with the same amount of respect and dignity, no matter what their upbringing may be. Community well-being is another important aspect to nursing. Nursing has to be centered on the community that it is practiced in. The community not only provides a career for nurses, but it also builds a basis of the care needed. Last but not least, compassion is the most important aspect of nursing. A nurse can display compassion by providing a warm heart, a caring touch, and a listening ear. Patients encounter a substantial amount of stress while in the hospital no matter the type of procedure being performed. Nurses are responsible for not only the physical aspects of care but also the mental aspects of patient care. Sometimes a nurse is the only person that a patient has and a nurse’s compassion may be the one thing that keeps them