Essay on Excersize Career Opportunities

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If I was to think of the type of workplace I would work in and that would best suit me I would have to say working for is an assurance audit for the government and also would be payroll. Even though the government is in bad shape I would still like to work for the government because it could be a great job and great security. With me I can get very bored easily and unfocused, so I believe working as an assurance and audit would give me the focus I would need. This job would allow me not to be bored and would give me the challenge I would need unlike other jobs where I get bored very easily and does not motivate me. My everyday deliverables would include reviewing other business information and other data to confirm if the information is correct, unlike other jobs where the information that I would look at every day would look like the same information.
My second job choice would be payroll, even though this job can be repetitive I believe that this job would be very exciting because you, yourself would know that the employees of the company are counting on you to get them their paychecks correct and on time. A person would have to be very precise with this job, which would be great for me, because I always like to be accurate.
I would have to say that working for a Security and Exchange Commission would be a great job for me by challenging me and would show my creativity. Working for the Security and Exchange Commission would really allow me to work on the…