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The Problem
Hospital Management need the help of IT to mitigate the problems of management
The Need
Cuddle Hospitals are now number#1 in town and quickly expanding their services in many other locations. This became hard for the hospital management to handle the administrations of all the branches effectively. The major administration activities like employing outpatient appointments, managing the inpatient activates, doctors and staff schedules, payrolls, pharmacy management, patient room and operation theater management and consulting doctors schedules, Infrastructure and Hygienic maintenance. Handling all these activities is a tuff job for the management team. So, they have decided to establish an IT solution for the entire group of hospitals.
The Company
Cuddle Hospitals head quartered in Boston, Massachusetts is one of the nation’s fast growing and best serving hospitals network. Standing #1 for baby care, emergency care and hospital admissions. Cuddle Hospitals recognized for pregnancy care, pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, orthopedic, and dental and women health services. Cuddle is having the Level III neonatal Intensive care unit, and holding the badge of best for delivery and newborn care hospital in the city of Boston. With more than 15,000 fulltime employees and 2000 part time employees overall, speeded across the Cuddle Hospital Network with a total $0.93 billion patient revenue as per the fiscal year 2014.
The Solution
A web based application (portal and mobile device application) with an integration all the departments interconnected with each other sharing a common database for all the activities from the patient registration to operation management and final billing. Everyone will be having their respective screens and restricted access to modify the data. Only doctor and patient will have entire readable access to the above-discussed procedure. The doctors and staff (employees) will be having the schedule table so that they can decide their time of service. This automation of the entire management process will cut down the headache to the management and time to prepare schedule, payrolls, etc. will be easily handled by this application. All this data is accessible to the management and they can analyses the departments individually or by whole. (Please see the end of the document for detailed explanation of solution with example)
The Market
This process needs a little training as the GUI is made simple and user friendly, entire group of employees are trained according to their designation on how to use the application. On successful implementation of this application at Cuddle Hospitals, This could be marketed to other hospitals and health care institutions. The respective hospitals will have a flexibility to customize according to their size of service and infrastructure.
The Technology and Delivery
This entire application run on client-server methodology. As this is a web-based application developed in JAVA for the backend database connectivity and the front-end application and GUI is developed by .NET framework. The web portal is designed using PHP and is connected to database using JAVA servlets. The entire application is embedded in android,…