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Executive agreements
Conventional vie; necessary response in a complex and hostile world. Short tem abuse of sep of powers+ long term policy representation of US

Imperial president; Presidetn biolates balance of posers especially in foreign policy.
-Especiall secretive evades sep of powers in FP and National Security. Accountable or for the good of the US-Hidden agenda.

The president
Chief of State, Execuitive, Bureaucracy, Diplomat, Commander

Changes Since 1789
Chief Legislator FDR: informally initiating the legislative agenda.
Violates the founders idea of balanced government
Shifts the center of government form legislative centered executive centered.
Modern president can easily avoid the separation of powers, especially in foreign policy; could lead to imperial presidency.

1 Streamlined better structured to react quicker in emergency and solve the problem in a timely manner.

2. Efficient avoids the politics of congress and creates a faster and better solution than congress.
3. Could possibly eliminate or lessen a crisis thereby better representing the will of the American people.

1. Encourages an imperial president; Especially in foreign policy where policy is secretive and unaccountable. Secrecy allows the president to slip the checks and balances

2. Makes policy for his class donors; Usually not representing the majority of aericans

3. by the time the policy has failed it is tooo late; The US has already lost money and lives.

Pro examples
FDR’s new deal: Social and economic programs limited the great depression and creatded the foundation for the middle class

2. LBJ’s great society; Expanded middle class programs which finished the new deal. Created the Largest Middle Class in History.

3. Bush II 911 response united the nation showed leadership

4. Reagan leadership during cold war Con Examples
Iran Contra; Reagan knew and lied to congress, violated constitutional and Us
Goth Bushes Congress Aproved but gulf war whydorm and lied about Iraq
Watergate many violations of constitution imperial presidned
Zippergate Lied as president

Ne Functions
1. economic manager; Macro manage the economy. A president will most likely be judged by the public based on the health of the conomy.

2. National security; President went form national security leader to international security leader during world war II. Beginning of national security state.

Modern Presidency and Democracy

Representative of the Jamority of Amiericans
Domestic vs foreign policy president
Hybrid presidency
Foreign polcy the president is imperial
Domestic policy dominant but accountable


Adminstratos of government
2 types appointed or nominated by president or governor
Civil servants; cetified and mostly a career position Execuitve 2.8-3 million civilian workers 5 million if include the military; still less thatn 2% of US
Growth scares us and excuse to stop middle class programs from becoming a reality
75 to 80 of all government emplees
Education biggest state employer

Maintians separation of powers; Whetther othe branches are willing or able
Powers Expressed come form the constitution congressional law

Congressional budget Office-approve budget-Governmental accountability Officer