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Cooked: by Jeff Henderson
Chapter 10
Dana: She is one of Jeff’s “girls”. She visited him very often during his time of incarceration. They were even married for a short period of time.
Tammy: Also another one of Jeff’s “girls” before he was arrested they both had a fling, and ended up having a son together.
Mr. Welsh: Jeff’s caseworker who helped lessen his time in prison.
Cali Slim: Jeff’s younger sister.
Jeff’s IRS agent: collaborated with Jeff’s case worker
Jamar: Jeff’s first son.
Kevin X & Imze: two white inmates whom Jeff looked up to during his trial.
Harry-O: inmate who allegedly cofounded Death Row Records while serving twenty-five years on a murder rap.
Carmen: One of Jeff’s “girls”. She was a significant help to Jeff’s trial.
Setting: The chapter took place on a Tuesday morning at 4:00 am. Jeff has just been processed into Terminal Island, a prison located in San Pedro, CA. It is where he will spent the rest of his time.
Theme: The theme, or moral of this chapter states, when you are in the deepest of trouble, your family will always be there for you with unconditional love and support.
Conflict: An IRS agent came to visit Jeff regarding his trial. According to the IRS agent, Jeff was notified that investigators are questioning some men who would be potential witnesses in case he went to trial.
Solution: Jeff received a letter from his attorney informing him that his sentence had been cut in half to ten years and seven months. His security level was dropped and sent to a prison camp. Chapter 11:
Chris Wright: one of Jeff’s old friends who ended up being roommates
Shawn: one of Jeff’s old “girls” whom he had gotten close with during his stay at Terminal Island
Friendly Womack: the eldest brother of Bobby Womack who had been a member of the 1960’s gospel band called The Valentinos.
Big Roy: head of the kitchen back at Terminal Island
Staff Sergeant Norma: In charge of the Red Horse restaurant in New York City. She developed a bond with Jeff.
Alan Hershman: Director of the Residential Drug Abuse Program.
Roy-ball: In charge of the baking crew in the Program.
Dolores: One of Friendly’s friends whom Jeff became close with.
Stacy Womack: Friendly’s nice who Jeff was attracted to.
Patrick Clark: executive chef of Tavern on the Green.
Marcus Samuelsson: famous chef.
Robert Gadsby: Famous chef who is in the process of opening a restaurant in LA.
Setting: The setting took place in the summer of 1992 at Nellis, which is the camp he attended.
Theme: The theme of this chapter is to never give up on your dreams. If you want something, fight for it no matter how hard it is.
Conflict: Jeff was really interested in working out of state for Robert Gadsby. However, he felt like he could not do it because he was incarcerated.
Solution: Jeff wrote to Chef Gadsby explaining his love for cooking while in prison and would like an opportunity to work with him upon release. Chapter 12
Stacy: Jeff’s new girlfriend.
Robert Gadsby: famous chef whom Jeff looked up to very much, and considered working for him.
T-row: One of Jeff’s old friends from the streets.
Carmen: Jeff’s past girlfriend.
Dana: Jeff’s ex- wife who was remarried with two kids.
Alain Ducasse, Thomas Keller & Joel Robuchon: looked up to these 3 chefs.
Meech: Stacy’s hard- headed brother.
Shorty: Another one of Stacy’s laid-back brother.
Jeffery Jr: Jeff’s second son, from Stacy.
Setting: This chapter takes place in the Northwest region. Jeff and Stacy end up at LAX, and travel to a halfway house.
Theme: The theme for this story is to never give up. Also, always be willing to learn to progress in life or work.
Conflict: The conflict in the story is when Jeff is hired by Robert Gadsby to work in his restaurant. However, he still has a lot of learning to do. And isn’t the best at what he does
Solution: He takes Robert Gadsby’s criticism as instruction