Executive MBA Programs: The Development Of Reflective Practice And Thinking

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Critically evaluate one of the key arguments from ROGLIO, K., & LIGHT, G. (2009). Executive MBA Programs: The Development of the Reflective Executive. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 8(2), 156-173.
Reflective Executive practice and thinking is the critical argument from the article by Roglio. K & light. G . (2009) Executive MBA Program, the development of the reflective executive academy of the management leading and education, 8(2), 156-173 supports analysis with strong evidence.
It has been highlighted that the understanding of three key ways of executive reflective practices in terms of connective thinking, critical thinking and personal thinking permits the in depth examination and evaluation of its main concepts. The author argues that the three process don’t occur in sequences or orderly manners, but rather independently expressing the clear view of ideas. When observed carefully, it is easy to analyze the various elements and their fundamental characteristics of Executive reflective practices.
Connective thinking is the unification of various elements and the understanding of the links between different situations or problems, with the co-operative relationship in the social surroundings. The connective thinking give room to find the connection between information and real scenario which in turn give rise to innovative solution. Hills argues that “Seek the counsel of men who will tell you the truth about yourself, even if it mere commendation will not bring the improvement you need” (Hill 1926: 95). In the reflective process, innovative and sapient solutions for complex challenges are evolved by the executives with all information available comprising data in hand and experiences of the different areas of the surrounding and practical environment.
Critical thinking compels decision making along with the solutions and actions unlike the other reflective practices. It has been highlighted that individual will profit by remembering that none of us want anything that someone else wishes to dump (Hill 1926: 52). We can improve the reflective process by transforming the internal working and comprehension of the external world. With the effective application of Critical thinking practice, predominant values and change in company, team and society can be observed. By questioning the internal working and analyzing the external environment, the reflective practitioner should assure that internal mental confusion does not block the learning opportunity provided by this reflective practice. The administrators are inspired to learn, evolve and develop reflecting on action while acting on them decisively.
The main advantage of Personal thinking is the freedom to think, express and convey various positive idea without looking for external approval. It has been argued that “No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he begins to look in a mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes” (Hill 1926: 23). Wise Executive develops new skills, while examining one’s own actions, thoughts, and feelings along with the past experiences. Evaluating the current situation and