Research Paper On Class Room Desks

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Executive Summary
Today's educational system is becoming increasingly competitive for both students and institutions. Students must learn as much as they can, and learn it effectively. It is a school's job to give information to students in the most effective way possible. As the years go by, the educational system will become even more competitive, and the need for effective teaching methods will increase. The key to effective teaching is students who are alert and attentive. That is why we have introduced the Class Room Throne, a unique chair that has the potential to become a very effective classroom tool.
Few classroom desks available today provide maximum comfort and assist in learning. In fact, the majority of students find their desks an uncomfortable workplace. Cramping, very little work space, and falling asleep in class all seem to be frequent problems for students. The Class Room Throne is the solution to these problems along with many others.

Our product is a desk designed with comfort and learning in mind. The desk is attractive looking and provides a student with a more enjoyable sitting and working experience in the classroom. We have made very simple and effective improvements to traditional desks that no other designer has implemented before, including a reclining chair with adjustable height, an increased desk space for writing and reading, and a footrest for added comfort. The result is a desk that provides many advantages over ordinary desks on the market and still has a competitive price.