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Matthew Terranova 9/23/2013
Professor Ingrid Fray

Executive Summary

E-Z Ladder, founded in 2013, provides a new alternative to the outdated and non-functional folding ladder. E-Z Ladder is the first of its kind with four battery operated electronic wheels. A joystick built into the top of the ladder operates the wheels. The user would either turn the joystick front, back, left or right to indicate which direction they need to move. Safety precautions were taken when creating E-Z Ladder – the wheels have an automatic lock mechanism for when E-Z Ladder is not in motion.

Efficiency was the motivation behind creating E-Z Ladder. Climbing up and down a ladder to move it, takes time away from work productivity. I came up with the idea after working long days on construction sites. I would work 10-hour days that consisted mainly of me up on a ladder. Climbing down the ladder, repositioning it and climbing back up the ladder would take 3-4 minutes each time. If I had to move the ladder 20 times during the workday, at least one hour would be spent on readjusting the ladder! It was a severe waste of time. E-Z Ladder would completely eliminate these unnecessary steps, so more time would be spent on working, leading to a much more efficient workday.

Although there are many ladder competitors in the market, E-Z Ladder is the only one of its kind with moving wheels. Since E-Z Ladder has such a distinguishing feature, unlike any other ladder sold, I do not believe there is much competition. Ladders are used daily by all kinds of people, which makes for a vast market. E-Z Ladder is built to use in tough, rugged environments, like construction sites, but can easily transition as an easy-to-use household-folding ladder. An