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The Problem
Crucial data from ebay is being stolen from the present database system.

The Need
The customer details are very confidential for any electronic commerce business. Ebay customer details are being hacked by various sources. They just captured the weak points in present database system. Filling the loops in the database system is a time taking process. So ebay needs an alternative to the database system to secure the data of every customer.

The company
Ebay is the largest electronic company in the world who used to sell anything through online. Ebay was established in 1995 by pierre omidyar. Head quarters of ebay is in San Jose, California. Ebay sell products both by auction and retail price made by merchant. So it is very important for them to secure the data of both customer and merchant.Mission statement of ebay is “eBay Inc. enables commerce by delivering flexible and scalable solutions that foster merchant growth.”(ebay mission statement 2013). To justify this mission statement ebay must secure the data of valuable customers.

The solution
Cloud computing is the best alternative for this problem. Through this cloud computing, data can be secured and all the information of customer and merchant can be managed. Many companies are emerging with the cloud computing and giving better results. Ebay is getting hold in the markets of developing countries like India and china. Huge market will help the ebay to get the ROI back. So cloud computing is the best alternative for ebay to hold position in the market.

The Market
The customers and the stakeholders can effect for a shorter period of time. But the adaption of cloud technology will ebay to grow higher and higher. Stakeholders can be managed through emails and warning or by change the credentials. Adaption of this technology will help ebay to get more market in the world. Competitors like Amazon and flipkart(indian website for online shopping) adapted this technology. It has shown better results. The brand name of ebay can make a huge market