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Leadership is the process of using influence in order to give direction and coordination in an organisation’s operations for the achievement of its goals and objectives. Leadership can be expressed or exhibited by interaction between the leader and the followers. Several elements are involved that constitutes in an effective leadership that were presented in the three Case Studies of this report. The characteristics of the situation in which the leaders were working and the specific characteristics of the leaders have contributed in the success of the leadership processes.
Communication is considered a one of the useful aspects of leadership and the studies displayed that successful leadership is the product of good communication. Although, communication competence for these cases was not sufficient enough for effectiveness of leadership but on the other hand it was a necessary element for the process.
In addition to the leaders’ communication behaviours, the leaders’ traits, behaviours, personalities and characters played a great role in the leadership performance. All the leaders have the required intelligence and engineering education, confidence and interpersonal skills that were indispensable in the execution of the leadership processes.
Several leadership styles were presented in these studies in which it evolved in relation to the demand of the work situation. The first case study in Dubai exhibited a functional leadership style since the work was task-oriented. On the other hand, the second case in which the leadership was in an old family business aside from being a functional leader more motivation was employed. Moreover, in the third case from Libya, the leader demonstrated a transactional leadership style from the time when the work operation was more technical.
The studies show the leaders demonstrated power and influence to the members as the leaders have the ability to transform the behaviours and work attitudes of the followers. The leaders’ entire source of power lied on their job positions and…