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Executive Summary (20%) – Fitness That Fits
For years people have been striving to become more healthy through fitness and nutrition. They join “big box gyms” that have an appealing special offer hoping to independently make a lasting lifestyle change. Over time their initial motivation and determination wears off and they find themselves wasting large amounts of money on unrealistic goals. Fitness that Fits is attempting to slowly change this pattern one client at a time. The open and free spirited facility works one on one with their clients to offer them customized fitness programs that fit each individuals personal needs. Their staff is motivational, supportive and continually checking on their clients to ensure they are attaining their original goals. Fitness that Fits gets clients the results they want or need with no pressure, no confusion and no commitment.
This Etobicoke based fitness studio, Fitness that Fits, is the creation of fitness professional Nadia Bender. The Social Entrepreneur is a long-time fitness enthusiast who was looking to make a difference in the health and fitness industry. She has always strived to educate men and women towards healthier lifestyles through a positive and welcoming environment. When she realized the opportunity to become independent she courageously took on the challenge of starting up her own company and since then
Fitness that Fits has been a growing success. The studio is now open from 6am to 9pm seven days a week and offers over 30 classes ranging from cardio to conditioning. Nadia employs seven other fitness professionals and together they offer exceptional customer service to people all over the Toronto area.
The business is a suboptimal solution, which is defined as a product or service that with its presence satisfies more of the market than before it’s introduction. Before

Fitness that Fits, it’s clients were members of “big box gyms” and had seen little improvements in their physical condition. After becoming part of Fitness that Fits they understood the fundamental of fitness and nutrition and have been able to reach their goals in a comfortable and encouraging environment.
The Fitness that Fits studio officially opened three and a half years ago in May
2007. Before the grand opening, owner, Nadia Bender rented out local facilities and conducted small instructional classes as well as personal training under the Fitness that
Fits name. As her company began to grow she started looking for the perfect location and is now located at 4214 Dundas Street West in Etobicoke. They are a small competitor in the health and fitness industry, but they have a big heart and big mission to “motivate and guide their clients to healthier lifestyles through fitness, nutrition and self-awareness – and to develop a customized approach that fits each individual”.
The health and fitness industry is huge. It is saturated with these large chains of gyms, which are filled with enormous amounts of oversized equipment. The facilities are large in square feet and located in all major cities around the world. The clients are everybody and anybody, as soon as you step in the doors the employees are trying to sell you whatever they can. Unless you decide to purchase personal training you are essentially required to figure out how to use the machines on your own. The turnover rate for employees and members is extremely high. Since these gyms are large chains, the owners or official decision makers are usually not around which leads to a lack of positive feedback, which is defined as information from the consumers that positively influence the company. In these “big box gyms” there is no room for change. Members

comments or concerns are not acknowledge or put into action. But the franchises are so large they can afford to offer low prices which naturally would attract anyone.
Typically, with the purchase of a regular membership clients have access to the floor space filled with equipment during any