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Normal Communications, LLC was founded in 1997 and is an advertising and marketing company. Our principal offices are located in Rochester, NY.

Business Services
Normal Communications specializes is an out of home media, audio-visual media, agency relationships and consulting. The Company provides the following services:

Airport advertising Media buying (radio, television and print)
TV and Radio production Consulting (business & political)
Public relations Graphic Design
Website development Print production (advertisements, brochures, direct mailing and business cards)

Presently, our focus on political and governmental relationships is in the growth stage. It competes primarily based on reputation and results in the market. Our future plans include developing a larger footprint in both business and political consulting engagements in the tri-county area over the next 2-3 years.

The Market
We define our market as Monroe County. The total market population was approximately 750k in 2013, and is expected to grow .75% annually. We currently hold 20% of this market, in regards to out of home media and believe we can capture 60% of it by 2017. Some of our most notable customers include Strong/University of Rochester, Rochester General Hospital, St. John Fisher, Wegmans and NYS Department of Health.

We compete directly with traditional media outlets and alternatives to our services include television, radio and print media. Our product is unique because of Normal’s long standing relationship in the advertising community. We have a competitive advantage because we have traditionally been a lower cost alternative to corporate television and radio station budgets restraints, while reaching a higher number diverse communities. We do not anticipate new competitors to enter this market in the near future.

The greatest risks associated with our business today are recessionary down turns. We feel we can overcome these risks because we