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Ramirez 1
Bekka Ramirez
Professor McCrary
EN130­5 Rhetoric and Composition
2 Feb. 2015
Women and Style
What a woman wears often expresses or reveals key personality traits that they possess.
Women typically have no problem expressing themselves, whether it be the way they talk or act, or in this case, they way they dress. Most of the time what they wear does not actually say anything about their personalities, but the way they wear it says it all.
Women have a way of making what they wear look unique. For example, imagine that two women bought the exact same shirt, the shirt itself may not say anything about either of their personalities, but the way they wear it does. One woman may tuck the shirt into her favorite pair of jeans, slide on her Vans, grab a jacket that goes well with the shirt and head out the door. The other woman, however, may alter her shirt by cutting or dying it to make it fit her style, then match it with some leggings, combat boots, and maybe a cute jacket. These two women share a certain taste in fashion, but they differ in style. Style is how women express themselves.
If a group of women were all to receive the same basic outfit ­ shirt and pants ­ they would all, most likely, wear it differently. Changing an outfit is easy, accessories can make an outfit appear dressier. The shoes a woman chooses to wear can either dress the outfit up, or make it appear more casual. Shoes and accessories, or lack there of, can completely change an outfit.
Imagine a woman wearing a hot pink, three­quarter­length shirt with skinny jeans and Vans, with her hair in a ponytail. Now, imagine the same outfit on a different woman with black heels

Ramirez 2 instead of Vans, silver, bracelets, diamond earrings, hair down, and a dainty, black scarf. These two women are wearing the same clothes, but the style in which they wear it is what expresses their personalities.
Everyone has their own sense of style. Some women like to dress for comfort by wearing sweatpants and hoodies, this does not mean they do not have style, it just simply means they want to be comfortable. However, when it is time to dress nice, that is when they show off their style and begin to really express who they are and what they like.
People tend to classify women as high maintenance if they are always dressed up in the latest fashion, or if a woman never dresses up they can be considered to be a slob. See, people are always going to be judging one another based on appearance. This has been the case for quite some time now. Some women, although they would rather dress it down and be comfortable, dress up everyday out of fear of being negatively, or wrongfully judged.
Different classifications people use when trying to determine a woman’s personality or interests based on the clothing she wears are Hipster, these women typically wear over­sized cardigans, leggings that have