Exemplification Essay: Sojourner Truth And Slavery

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A person being held hostage is like a caged animal who wants to be free. They know where they want to go and breath fresh air, but they can not. Sojourner Truth a black lady, was born into slavery, knew that she wanted to be free, and she never gave up for freedom. After reading several online biographies, it is clear that she did not want to work for anyone anymore. Sojourner Truth had a harsh or violent childhood. For example, she had many different owners and she “ was sold at an auction with a flock of sheep for $100” (“Sojourner Truth Bio”). She spoke a different language, and when she was “nine, she finally learned to speak English” (“ Sojourner Truth Bio”). Sojourner Truth was “sold to a man named John Dumont, who was kind toward her, but his wife was cruel”(“ Sojourner Truth Bio”). As a result, Sojourner Truth was a very poor person in life.
Many people admire Sojourner Truth for her ending slavery and her famous speech. For instance, Truth’s famous speech that she gave was at the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention and it was inspirational, “ Ain’t I a woman” (“ Sojourner Truth
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For instance, Sojourner Truth went on an excursion to “talk about slavery with another slave named George Thompson” (“Sojourner Truth Bio”). Truth also “spoke with Abraham Lincoln on at least one occasion about her beliefs and experiences of being a slave (“Sojourner Truth Bio”). Sojourner Truth wanted to get her story out to the public and that’s when she “ wrote and published three of her own books” (“Sojourner Truth”). She wanted to help black men so “ during the Civil War Truth tramped the roads of Michigan collecting food and clothing for the men (“Sojourner Truth”). Consequently, Truth will be commemorated for conquering slavery and overcoming the hard and stressful