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Mr. Rose is a 30-year-old male who is being evaluated to assess the chances of him becoming a repeat sex offender and whether or not Mr. Rose will respond to the court ordered treatment. Mr. Rose has no reported mental health issues and there is also no evidence that Mr. Rose was a victim of sex assault at any time in his life. Mr. Rose does have a previous criminal record with 12 different charges over the last 15 years with his first charge coming at the age of 16. Mr. Rose has been court ordered to attend substance abuse treatment in the past, which according to his parents he did not actively partake in. In this incident, Mr. Rose was convicted and sentenced to three years of federal custody after he was convicted of sexually assaulting his former girlfriend. This specific incident shows signs that Mr. Rose could be classified as an anger rapists, or an offender who uses more force than necessary for compliance and engages in sexual acts that are particularly degrading or humiliating to the woman. (Bartol & Bartol, 2008) Mr. Rose demonstrated this by penetrating the victim with a beer bottle.
Mr. Rose’s highest level of education is unknown; however, it is very likely that he achieved a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) given is career as a construction worker. Mr. Rose has been in construction for almost a decade and has had several incidents where he has had to miss work do to legal trouble. Mr. Rose does not believe that missing work has been an issue stating “There is always someone who is willing to fill in for me”. Mr. Rose seems content in staying in the construction field and states that he finds his job satisfying. Mr. Rose also spends a large amount of time working on cars in a friend’s garage. Mr. Rose also admits to drinking while at work or working on the cars. Although Mr. Rose states that he his happy with his work and finds it satisfying it is important to note he states several times that after “stressful” days at work he will go to a strip club or drink to relief the stress.
Substance Abuse Mr. Rose has a history involving substance abuse, which includes charges for Driving Under the Influence and drug possession. Substance abuse, in particular alcohol abuse, is commonly connected to sex offenders due to the fact that alcohol leads to disinhibition of behavior in three ways. 1) First, when stronger beliefs are held regarding the disinhibiting properties of alcohol, such as reducing anxiety, it increases the likelihood that alcohol will act as a disinhibitor upon consumption. 2) Alcohol consumption leads to applying more liberal norms concerning socially condemned behavior, insomuch that disinhibition of behavior is to be expected. And 3) alcohol has pharmacological effects that interfere with processing inhibitory cues, e.g., women's refusal. (Karanen & Emmelkamp, 2011) Mr. Rose shows that all three of these apply to him. First, Mr. Rose admitted during the interview that he uses alcohol as a stress relief mechanism, but claims he does not have a problem. Second, Mr. Rose stated he came over to the victim’s house late at night after not seeing her in 3 months, intoxicated and with a six-pack of beer. It is also known that during the incident the victim refused his advances multiple times and Mr. Rose proceeded to penetrate the victim with a beer bottle, neither of which are accepted social behaviors. Third, Mr. Rose stated in court that the sexual activity was consensual even though the victim reports that he threatened her life several times during the incident and she was only able to get away after he had passed out. Passing out from alcohol consumption seems to be a common trend for Mr. Rose since he stated that he regularly drinks until he is drunk or until he passes out. Mr. Rose stated he had no intention of attending any type of treatment that was ordered by the court. Mr. Rose refused to attend court ordered alcohol