Exercise 5.2 Adding Layers Of Development

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Amy Garcia Ashley Boswell 4/4/2013

Exercise 5.2 Adding Layers of Development

1) Your appearance tells people a lot about you. Your hairstyle is one thing that reveals aspects of your personality. People who have there hair done nice almost always most likely have the need to feel good about them selfs. Your clothes express many of your preferences and values. Such as where you shop or how much you intend to spend. Most people have a wide range of preferences and values of clothing. And the jewelry you wear (or do not wear) speaks volumes about you, too. If someone loves to accessorize it is a statement they are making. They enjoy having others compliment them. 2) People complain about poor quality of television shows today, but there are actually some very interesting programs to choose from. For one thing, some of the dramatic series are really quite fascinating. I personally enjoy dramatic shows/movies. The suspence is awsome, always wondering whats going to happen next. In addition, several of the comedy series will make you laugh out loud. My preferences are Two and a Half Men, and Who's Line Is It Anyway. Several other programs offer valuable information. Such as, the news, discovery channel, and plenty more. And if you like reality TV, you have a lot of interesting shows to choose from. Americas Next Top Model is my personal favorite. 3) Cell phones may have a few drawbacks, but they have many more benefits. Cell