Essay about Exercise and American Fitness Journal

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Imagine the hardest workout you have ever done, would you ever do that workout 2-3 times a day for 2-4 hours? Now imagine you had no choice, your brain was telling you that you had to do it; your addicted. People can become addicted to exercise. Attitude is what separates healthy vs. unhealthy exercise. An addict’s exercise becomes unhealthy and leads to physical injuries when it encompasses their mood and dictates their life. According to American Fitness Journal, “25% of serious athletes over train and are possible candidates for being addicted to exercise.” A study was done at the University of Kansas, “out of 5000 students 30% could be classified as having an exercise addiction.” Exercise is such a huge part of today’s society that this addiction is often overseen and almost encouraged. To maintain a healthy society people need to be informed about exercise addictions and the problem needs to be treated by seeking help and maintaining a proper workout plan. Exercise is not a remedy for everything, it has its risks. “Exercise addiction is a compulsion to exercise to reduce anxiety, body discomfort, and appearance” (Cumella). According to an article by Bernard Harmon in the American Fitness journal, “exercise becomes an obsession when it takes over your life and disrupts social and occupational functioning.” Having an exercise addiction can be both a physical and physiological problem. A patient with an addiction to exercise will use it as a “defense to prevent feelings of…