Exercise and People Essay

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Cause and Effect essay

Exercise, is a simple short word that can send chills down many peoples spines. No one needs to be a certain weight, or in really good shape to exercise. The hardest thing about exercising is actually getting up, getting to the gym or getting outside. Nothing but positive results will a person get from working out. Exercising doesn’t have to be running miles, or lifting weights. Swimming, dancing, rock climbing, playing sports, riding a bike, and rollerblading are all a source of exercise. When people exercise they are creating a healthier heart, healthier body, and a better state of mind for themselves. Working out prevents diseases and can save peoples lives. We only get one heart so why not treat it the best we can. Exercising gives people natural energy to keep going and staying motivated to do more things. Nothing feels better than being healthy. When people work out their hearts start working harder and faster. A lot of people think that is all that is happening inside their body, but it isn’t. Since a person is being active their heart pumps harder which makes better circulation for their blood flow. When their blood flow increases from their heart pumping faster, more oxygen can be carried throughout their body. The effect of more oxygen being able to flow throughout the body can lower blood pressure if the person’s blood pressure is very high. High blood pressure is very dangerous because it overworks the heart and makes the walls of the arteries to hard. Exercising is just the thing someone needs to help lower his or her blood pressure. Most people think of skinny as being 110 pounds or wanting to be as skinny as Paris Hilton. Weight does matter, but weight depends on how tall a person is. Every height has a healthy and fit weight to be at. Exercising can lead to a better and healthier weight for people. When people reach that healthy weight for themselves then exercising turns into toning their body. Toning means that a person is already in shape so when they work out they are getting more definition and firmer muscles. Exercise is very important for people with arthritis. What exercising does for people with arthritis is it increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain, and helps get rid of fatigue. Exercising helps maintain bone strength, makes it easier to sleep at night, and makes people feel better about them.

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