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Lesson 01.02 My Fitness Questionnaire
Hexael Lopez
1. Describe the activities you participated in yesterday (for example, walked my dog, washed my mother's car). Were you active for more than 60 minutes?
The activity that I participated in was walking my dog. I walked my dog twice and I took about 20 with each time that I walked the dog.
2. Explain why each of the activities you participated in can be considered moderate or vigorous.
I think that the activity that I participated in yesterday could be considered moderate. I do not think that walking my dog can be vigorous (unless if done for more than 4 hours) because I walked two times in the same day but not at the same time. I give my body a little rest after I do exercise so that I won’t over exercise.
3. Describe three benefits of physical activity. Which of these benefits is the most important to you?
The three benefits of physical activity are that you can have less chance of having a disease. Also, you will have less chance of becoming obese. The final reason is because your body will get used to the exercise and become stronger and you can push yourself farther and farther until you’re at the best of the best.
4. Explain how your family influences your health and fitness. What activities do you do with your family and what activities do you do on your own?
My family used to allow me to eat a lot of food for dinner but ever since my dad found out that being obese can give my future problems we have been