Essay on Exercise and Students

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Lesson Plan

Knowledge of Students to Inform Teaching:
Girls: Boys: IEP/504: ELL: Other:
Pre-Assessment/Formative Assessment of Prior Learning Information:
The students understand the benefits of aerobic exercises and understand clockwise and counterclockwise directional movements.


PE7.3: Participates regularly in physical activity.
PE7.4: Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
Central Focus (CF)

Students will be able to demonstrate how to work together as a team to tally up as many laps as possible while moving around the gym.
Academic Language
Language function Demonstrate

Language vocabulary Aerobic Fitness, Clockwise, Counterclockwise, Teamwork, Addition
Learning Target(s)/ Lesson Objective(s)/Criteria for Success
(measurable & aligned w/ standards)

List the objective(s) of the lesson for each domain
1. Students will be able to add up total number of laps in order to reach an overarching goal of 10 laps.
2. Students will be able to run/walk around the track to appreciate the benefits of aerobic fitness.
3. Students will be able to run/walk around the track a total of 10 times as a team.
Criteria for success & how it will be determined

1. Students must be able to complete simple addition.

2. Students need to understand the benefits of aerobic fitness.

3. Students will need to be actively participating when they run/walk.
Lesson Part & Estimated Time
(Instructional strategies, preview/ review, practice activity support, learning tasks, assessment)

Activity Description &Teacher Does (Materials/Equipment)
Describe what the teacher will do to implement instruction, strategies, formal & informal assessments, & differentiation (modifications & extensions) to develop language (syntax & discourse).
Students Do

I will start off this activity by organizing the students into groups of two. I will then explain to the students that they will be working on their aerobic fitness.
I will then have students line up against the bleachers so that I can properly warm-up their leg muscles for today’s activity.
Jog across gym(Back and forth)
High Knees(Back and forth)
Butt Kicks(Back and forth)
Sprint(Back and forth)
I will then explain to the students how today’s activity is going to go. Each partner will be able to choose if they want to be #1 or #2. The 1’s will start off running counterclockwise around the track while the 2’s will be walking clockwise on the inside of the track. After 1 minute I will blow the whistle which you will have 10 seconds to find your partner, high five them, and switch places on the track. The goal of this activity is to reach a minimum of 10 laps after a set time. I will then bring you all in and have you add up the total number of laps that were completed from walking and running around the track and the group with the most laps will be declared the winner. We will then repeat this process one additional time.
The students will sit quietly as they are placed into groups of two.

The students will follow directions from the coach while the warm-up is being completed.

The students will sit their quietly and listen to the rules and procedures of today’s activity and may ask questions at the end.
Body of Lesson

I will begin by having the groups take their respective places on the