Exercise: Employment and Elevations Assessment Essay

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Elevations Assignment: This assignment is worth 200pts is due April 1st and must be uploaded into Canvas a file upload. Take the Elevations and review your results before completing this assignment.
Note: In order to receive maximum credit for this assignment you must provide thorough responses to the question listed below.
1. List and describe (5) interests, (5) skills and (5) of your most important values from the Elevations assessment that you plan to use in your career? 30 pts
• Interests: Customer service manager- Identify and resolve customer service issues/concerns, coaching the team, setting certain goals
• Employment recruiter- Evaluate candidates and conduct interviews for desired positions.
• Manager Governmental Services- coordinate with other governmental agencies; serve the public at a higher level.
• Private Investigator- Conduct research, background checks and surveillance etc
• Executive Assistant- Clerical and administrative support handle schedules and be able to use programs such as Microsoft excel.
• Listen-Paying attention and retaining information.
• Coach-Encourage and provide constructive criticism.
• Collaborate-Working in a team environment.
• Research-Investigate a certain situation or issue.
• Demonstrate Confidence- show that I know what I am doing and how to do it.

• Hands on- having results to show at the end of the day.
• Advancement- able to move up in ones career.
• Fun- Working in a place where we can be spontaneous and humor is encouraged.
• Independence-able to make decisions by myself.
• Trust-looked upon as reliable, able to work with little restrictions.
2. Select (5) occupations to research that match or complement your values, skills and career interests. 25pts
• Forensic scientist
• Investment analyst
• Customer Service Manager
• Employment recruiter
• Private Investigations

3. Briefly explain your reasons or rationale for selecting the (5) occupations listed above? 25pts
I chose the careers listed above because that is where I have the most experience or the most interest. I have been in customer service for 6 years, I have history in analyzing accounts or budgets and I have always been interested in working behind the scenes work for the justice system such as forensics. I also have sat in on a few interviews and my managers do look for my input so I feel like a recruiter could also be a suitable career.

4. Describe (4) or (5) job activities, duties or tasks in the careers you selected that compliment and support the values skills and interests you identified? 10pts
• Conducting interviews for employment or for an investigation
• Coaching or giving feedback
• Handling customer complaints or issues
• Combing through and collecting evidence and comparing data
• Completing schedules and or time off requests

5. What barriers or obstacles do you anticipate in order to enter into the