Exercise: Exercise and 1 -rm Leg Press Essay

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Lab #3 Muscular Lab
Nicole Lynn
ESS 243

To perform this lab there was six physical activities performed to check if someone is muscular fit. The six tests that were performed are bent knee sit-up, traditional push-up, vertical jump, 1-RM bench press, 1-RM leg press, and sit and reach. During the bent knee sit-ups, knees are flexed, feet are flat on the ground, arms are crossed on chest, and feet are held by a partner. During the traditional push-up palms are flat on ground, and in line with the shoulder. It was perform as many as you can still you can’t anymore. In the vertical jump standing with both feet on the ground, one arm is raised with palm facing the wall; this number was than recorded for the beginning height. Standing one foot away from the wall, knees are bent and arms come back while they jumped has height as they could to get maximum height. Than recorded three heights and picked the one that the person get was the highest. For the 1-RM bench press the client will warm up with a weight that is about 40-60% their relative max, then they will be adding weight to the bar until the client can only do one rep max this is then recorded as their 1-RM bench. During the 1-RM leg press the client will do everything just like the 1-RM bench. The last exercise was the sit-and-reach test; this was where the client would stretch out first than they would sit down with their feet against the sit-and-reach box. Then the client will reach out as far as they can and will record that number, this is best to do 3-4 times to get an accurate measurement of the furthest reach.
Non Weightlifting | Score | Rating | Improvement Required? | Bent Knee Sit Up | 29 in 1 min. | Poor | Yes | Traditional Push up | 36 | Excellent | No | Vertical Jump | N/A | N/A | N/A |

Muscular Endurance | Weight lifted | Completed 15 Reps | Estimated Workout Weight | 1-RM Bench | 70 | 60 | 55-65 | 1-RM Leg Press | N/A | N/A | N/A |

Flexibility | Continue Unchanged | Improvement Required? | Sit-And-Reach | 18 | Yes |

Discussion My findings from this activity are that the client is someone who has not worked out for awhile. They need improvement in everything except pushups. This client is