Exhibitor Proposal Essay

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Exhibitor proposal
“Helps to connect with thousands of prospective new customers all in one location. That’s the power of exhibition marketing.”

Brought by the Exhibition Company: Real Expos and Trade Events.

The aim is to bring a quality event for the hospitality industry; by showcasing every facet of the hospitality supply and service network, catering to 3-5 star hotels, motels, resorts, spas, luxury hotels and the hotel pub sectors as well as dining, beverages and entertainment under the one roof. It is an inclusive event designed by industry leaders in response to industry demand for a high quality, high profile and comprehensive event of the latest ideas, products, trends and directions for all segments of the industry.

An event which will provide a valuable opportunity for a range of industry representatives to network with peers, key suppliers and experts to build relationships, research new products and services, make informed purchasing decisions, discuss innovative approaches and discover new ways to boost business performance.

“Offering a first-class event where business meet and inspirational ideas are shared.”

Objectives: * Become a successful exhibition that can reflect what the industry represents, by having represented the major sectors exhibiting with us. This by keeping a record of all exhibitors, which enrol for this event, and by doing a proper categorization.

* Become an annual event. This by providing a high quality event that can be tracked to high-prepared experts as well as for the product delivered. For this there will be a post evaluation to evaluate the opinion of both the exhibitors and attendees, which may include, surveys, direct mail and phone calls.