What Is The Existence Of God Essay

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The existence of God is one of the most basic yet complex questions raised in modern philosophy. Theists believe that a God does exist. Atheists believe in the exact opposite, that there is no god. Leaving agnostics to believe that there is no reason or proof that states that people should believe in one more than the other. Many arguments exist both confirming and refuting the existence of a god, most having counter-arguments that the premises with the conclusion of the argument. Numberless people believe that since we cannot prove that God does not exist, then he must. However, that is difficult to say considering that there is either lack of or limited amounts of knowledge regarding the issue of God’s existence.

The conception of the existence of god is vague, yet is something that has baffled many people around the world. It can be seen as something that can either tear families apart or bring them together. There is a plethora of arguments for the existence of such a deity and whether the existence is found to be true, or just a figment of one’s imagination. Agnosticism is most popular in terms of religion because it allows the mind to explore and come to it’s own conclusions, gives you more of a freedom to stand in the middle and not be one sided. Each person should do their own research and come up with conclusions based on what they find. Seek and it’s guaranteed that you will find your heart’s desire on whether God exists in your life. Only you can determine what truth is; find the answers within yourself. You cannot depend on someone else’s interpretation regarding religion and your soul; your questions will never get answered. The existence of God is all a matter of faith. If you seek truth, you will find it.

Body: The argument of design basically states that either unmistakable order is a product of either chance, or intelligent design. In terms of the argument for the existence of god, chance is not valid when it comes to how the earth was formed. Intelligent design is the product of the universe, and seeing as design requires a designer, God must exist. It is a fact that both believers and non-believers experience the same universe, which is either designed or not. Our minds are the only means by which we know and understand reality. If we believe in our minds that there indeed is a god, then in thought we can’t claim anything else as valid.

The Argument from miracles states that miracles are events in which the explanation is a direct intervention from god as a deity. There are numerous miracles known to mankind. Therefore, there are a plethora of events in which the only adequate explanation is an extraordinary intervention from God. Thus, God does indeed exist. This