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Tragedy Exam

The good son survives, but the good daughter dies. Each is honorable, is loyal to the parent, saves the parent, and is truly good. Explain why their fates may differ in the play. (Hint—think about the criteria of tragedy.)

In the play King Lear I believe that the reason for two different outcomes was because it just goes to show that good people have wrong things done to them too. Humans suffer and endure their existence imaged as a journey. Through out the play the characters are used for misfortunes. They believe that just like the stars are laid out in the sky and can not be changed neither can their path of life. Edmund believes however that you choose your actions and that is how you live your life. Needs change everything. People fight against greed. The stars are not responsible for the way the characters act. Luck doesn't cause good or bad things to happen to people, it is the tragedy of the human existence. I believe that the reason Edgar was kept alive is so that he could live the rest of his life in misery. Cordelia was killed, (although not fair) because she did not have to suffer anymore. Both of the fates of these two characters where different because of the different ways they lived their lives.

Explain why Bianca even exists in this play!

Bianca is the mistress to Cassio, and plays an important but limited role in the play. She feels neglected and used. She was given Desdemona's handkerchief to copy