Existing Products Of Parks Created Across The World

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will be developed using multiple programs such as Revit and Inventor to show to a company that wants it built what it will look like, the dimensions, what materials are needed and each separate component placed in certain coordinates.
Existing products of parks have been created in the past these products would be the parks that are laid out across the world. An example of what one of these products look like is this: From the picture above it is evident that the park does meet the requirements as it can be utilised by all members of the community both with, and, without children. However it does not take into account the fact that being situated near the ocean means that a cold breeze is very likely. No visible area is suitable for protection against this that can be seen in the picture above. Another thing this playground is lacking is a shaded area where both children and adults can escape from the beating sun. This park on the other hand has multiple large shade sails to keep away the sun. Another notable feature about this playground is the fact that it is beside a recreational centre. This means that parents have a shaded area to eat or relax while the children are busy at play. While this playground is both shaded and suitable for adults with and without children it is unclear whether or not this playground is close to the ocean or not. This does mean that it may be unsuitable for what the local council had in mind for the community’s park.
The user of the product is the city council who is requesting that a park be made near the ocean that is useful for adults with and without children. This would mean that the park would need to be a shaded area where children could play without the parents having to fear for their safety from the sun. A shaded area would also be required for the parents themselves so they can relax and enjoys themselves without having to worry about possible skin cancer. The council also wants a means to protect against the cold ocean breeze; perhaps if the playground was situated among some trees them the wind might not be such a problem.
The audience of the product is the community who are going to use the park which would be the citizens of the town either with or without kids that would want to use the park for various social and family activities. For a park to cater to their needs it would have to be fun and spacious for the children to play on and it would need to be safe. This means that no sharp edges can exist; nor can there be any concrete or very hard surfaces in case a child falls. The park needs to encourage children to stay fit and healthy at all times. This can be achieved by having a climbing rope or perhaps an outdoor gym close to the park. For the parents the grounds need to be