Expectations: Education and Mission Statement Essay

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Marian’s Mission Statement Interpretations
I believe that the Marian High School Mission Statement aims for the right goals. It challenges students to do their best academically and become better individuals. A student will be challenged in the classroom at the right level, and be able to participate in different activities. Therefore, I believe that Marian’s Mission Statement sets students on the right path. By looking at the second, third, and fifth goals
The second goal is to push us academically to the point where we can be successful overcoming kind of challenge along the way. It also says that the program is meant to recognize the differences that each student has amongst each other. This leads to a one on one kind of relationship between the teacher and the student. This is very important because teachers are able to tell whether or not a class is fit for each student. This way, each student will not just learn at the right pace and develop some sort of work ethic along the way, but receive the best education possible.
The third goal is to help students gain awareness of the social teachings of the Church and to provide us with the opportunity to lead and serve our communities. This gives students a great chance to develop their leadership skills and help within the community. By developing leadership skills now will help in the future if someone wanted to run for student council or if they were looking for a job. These kinds of skills are not stressed in other schools very often.
Developing a strong sense of community, which encourages communication, values diversity where