Essay on Expectations: High School and Urban Public School

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This particular case is an example of “war on waste” reform. War on Waste” reform is noted in Professor Paul Light’s book, “Tides of Reform”, as one of the four conflicting ideas that have driven governmental recognitions during the last six decades. The case begins with an identified concern arising in Denver Colorado school system. The issue reveled concerns, the urban public school systems, which were not meeting scholarly standards set by their educational board to improve graduation rates for the state. One particular school, Manuel High School, set in one of the poorest areas of the City, was deemed underutilized and a poorly instructed; thoughts arouse that it was wasteful or the school to remain open.
Manuel High indicated unsatisfactory performance, high dropout rate and, was identified as a failing school. Information provided, stated that nine out of ten students failed their state written test; ninety-seven of a hundred failed their math test; and one in five freshmen were said to graduate from this school. Since Manuel High School was meeting unsatisfactory performance, thoughts of reform were expressed towards the school.
The chief of staff, Michael Bennet, was hired by the governor of Denver to take charge of leading school reform. Bennet’s strategy was to close the underutilized institution and have its students select another school to attend. Bennet’s made plans to address a new focus for the school, which was, to start over and prepare their students for graduation and college.
As Bennet began his process to close down Manuel High School, he did not consider the impact that it would have on the students and its