Expectations In Suyuan's Ideas

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Auntie An-Mei is quick to act on her impulses and the blind trust that she places on others. She does not take the time to think through her decisions and believes whatever the last person told her. Even if she is told a far-fetched statement, she will be quick to believe it without any skepticism. A simple piece of advice could cause her to “drop her things and go” or become afraid of the “trouble” that she will likely not run into. This indicates that she lives life without reason and puts her trust in everyone but herself. She has so little confidence in her own opinions that merely hearing what others believe could sway her.

Suyuan has high expectations for everything in her life and is constantly displeased because they do not meet her unrealistic desires. She is not pragmatic in her expectations and always wants more than what she has. The repetition of the word “with” and “something” emphasizes the scale of her discontent and her high standards for everything that surrounds her. However, this characteristic can also have a positive side. She constantly pushes herself and the people around her to be the best that they can be and to realize their true potential. It seems that this behavior has not made her entire life unhappy, as she knows that her expectations are high and just uses them as a tool to
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The gruesome imagery that Popo incorporates in her story causes the recipient to feel disgusted and associate that feeling with the poor decision that the character made. Popo does not do this because she wants to scare her grandchildren, but rather to teach them the values that are vital to their success and not to make the mistakes that others had made in the past. These ideas are deeply embedded in An-Mei and will be passed down by her to her own