Expenses: City and Rural Area Essay

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As a country full of diversity with big buildings and open areas for cows to graze and frolic our areas can also be full of people who buy and sell all we don't want anymore. Than you have those people who find the need to go to Starbucks every morning for their coffee and donuts. As which people who live in the city who have money to spend can do as they want, but the down fall is that they are spending a lot of money in one month that they don’t realize due to the fact of stopping for refreshments at a nearby store instead of making their own.
In an urban area they are weird more about what they need for their own household items and supplies, versus households in a rural area. In a urban area spend about $7,808 more than a rural area and received $15,779 which is more in yearly income than a rural household. But do to the people and that area they are in can change this sense by the state and if they have more crime or more shops in that general urban area over the rural area. Rural households spent more on gasoline and motor oil do on their car and trucks budgets. But urban areas spend it on airline fares. Unlike food urban areas spend more money on food on the go then at home but less then rural households for food at home. Both households spend about the same on entertainment, rural area pay more for animals and urban more for fees and admissions for transportation and housing services.
In urban areas the house ownership is lower than the rural areas, and