Experience By Dorthy Livesay: Poem Analysis

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Life is full of good and bad experiences. Throughout my lifetime, I have tolerated a mass of pleasant and unpleasant experiences because of the choices that I have made. The poem Experience by Dorthy Livesay explores a relatable topic of the conflicts in a creative way. Not experiencing negativity or positivity when growing up will cause difficulties facing the real world, as your attitude will be inadequate.

A reason why I admire Livesay's poem is due to her use of literary devices. Throughout the poem, you can spot a handful of literary devices, like metaphors, personifications, and rhymes. One metaphor I enjoy is the comparison of the best and worst experiences to fruit and bread; "so I went away on my own road, tasting all fruits, all
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The first line, "'For your own good' they said”, can be opposed to a major scenario involving parents and a college student, such as when it comes to choosing a future career. For instance, their parents consider them to join the medical field, so they accept their advice and register for the program. In the duration of the program though, the student doesn't find the studies enjoyable, so they flee for their “own road”, and try engineering. It wasn't what they expected, so finally, they pursue in the arts and find it more enjoyable. To find what choice is best for you, you need to explore on your own.

With a similar occurrence, I can relate to the poem, but in a less advanced way. I wanted music suggestions, and my friend suggested me a band as she thought I'd like them for their lyrics. Of course, I gave a listen, but I didn't like their music. Due to that, I searched on my own and found some songs I loved or some I hated, and during that experience, "I learned how the heart is fed". Either a minor or major scenario, the poem can be related to in some way.

As result of the choices that I have made, I have undergone major or minor experiences. The creative poem "Experience" by Dorthy Livesay has a valuable lesson behind it that everyone should know; experiences can be a mixture of dread or fortune. Don't be afraid to discover, even if it is