Experience: Education and Learning Center Essay

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Delilah Figueroa
Reflective Writing Assignment

Tour of the Bert Goen’s Learning Center Earlier in the week, my class took a tour around the Bert Goen’s Learning Center just a few minutes away from the Technology Center. I couldn’t believe the amazing things I saw that day, and the positive vibe I got from just stepping foot in the building. I believe that our instructor wanted us to visit the learning center to give us a glimpse at what helping and teaching disabled kids would be like. At the beginning of the tour I felt a bit nervous to see what it would be like. As the tour advanced, I was simply amazed to see how happy everyone was, and how positive the teachers kept their attitude. To begin with, while on the tour, I saw a student being helped to walk. She was having trouble walking down the hall but her teacher never gave up. For every step she took she was motivated. Also, her teacher kept a positive attitude, as I mentioned before. You would think that being around these students would be troubling but the teachers at the learning center made it look absolutely easy and fun! In addition, I always saw the teachers smiling and laughing, not once did I see a teacher upset. I wondered how they could be so happy, but then I thought to myself, if you are doing something you love, and you know you’re helping someone succeed then how couldn’t you help but smile? After the tour at the Bert Goen’s Learning Center I was very happy. I couldn’t