Experience in the Digital Age Essay

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Experience In The Digital Age Being someone who appreciates technology, my life began as this advancement started to grow. Living in the time that we do, it is difficult to go day to day without it. Daily we are constantly using and depending on our digital advances. Where would we be, without this life changing era? By using these, I feel as though my life is improving. Being able to stay in contact with my friends and family. Using email and a platform to see my assignments in school are ways I think my life has been enhanced. There is so much we are getting to see, and experience.
When in elementary, that was the time we started to learn about computers. We were taught how to type and increase our typing speed. Starting this wasn’t necessarily a hardship, because at such a young age it is easy to learn. While learning these new things, did it take away from learning something else? Going from taking pictures on a camera with film to a digital camera was also something that didn’t cross my mind as an oddity. There are these new things that change our lives daily, we don’t comprehend it has much of an effect on our lives when in fact, it changes it forever.
Although there are several reasons sometimes technology and its developments have a hindering effect. There are many times we witness a group of people who are glued to their smartphones. With the new video games or television, children are no longer having an outside experience like I grew up with. Companies are now switching to automatic machines to complete jobs with more accuracy than a worker, and now that person is without work. There are countless motives, you can see that these progresses could be discouraging, but the benefits can be so much more rewarding.
Everyone should do their part to help better our planet for our futures. So what can we do? Should we be recycling every can and bottle? There are ways like buying an eco-friendly car to lessen the pollution. Should there be a