Experience Paper Volunteering

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Experience Paper Volunteering
December 7, 2014

For this paper I took a look at possible volunteer opportunities in my local community. I gave examples of what opportunities were available and how to find information on how to become a volunteer. I choose to use google as my research criterion and found a very resourceful website with the information I needed. As you read my paper you will find information about being a volunteer, what benefits it has, and what opportunities are available. Below I listed some great information about becoming a volunteer.
Become a Volunteer
As a volunteer, you can....
•Volunteer on your own, with your family or with a group.
•Volunteer your time, skills, services and
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I also believe my experience with computers would be helpful in some of the organizations. I have done some in home caregiving in my past giving me some opportunities to volunteer at a nursing home or group home. I have volunteered in the past at ADVOCAP Head Start program when my daughter was very young. I could be useful in some volunteer opportunities such as, Boys and Girls Club or the public library. Overall I think I would have a lot to offer anyone of the organizations in my town that has volunteer opportunities.
How will volunteering aid you in gaining experience in your area of interest? Volunteering is sometimes a first way to get a foot in the door of an organization or career field. You can do it as an individual or as part of a group or organization. I think that volunteering will help aid me in gaining experience in my area of interest by allowing me to work with many people, children and adults. My career choice will be a lot of communication skills with many various types of people. Learning to be in many different types of situations while volunteering will help me to handle them more efficiently and effectively depending on the circumstances. Many times when volunteering you are faced with some struggles such as, people who may be upset or very emotional. You can also experience this in a workplace environment. Finding an organization that pertains to the area I am interested in might also have a volunteer position