Maven Experience And Recommencises

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Experience and Recommendation

According to the previous experience of Maven exercises, we came up with the suggestions below:
For the Maven exercise, You should take every detail into consideration before making decisions. Because even a tiny ignorance may lead to a mass loss in your result. We did not realized that we lost some of the salespersons after Quarter 4, so we sold a smaller amount of Product 2 than other teams. As a result, we hired some salesperson in Quarter 5. Sometimes when you are in the dilemma of a hard choice, you could bet on with the inventories by hand. You can not only take your existing environment when you want to do something. For example, inventory ordered would only arrive in the next quarter, and you should take this into consideration when you make the decision about the sales promotion. We did not pay attention to this before so we had some sales lost in Quarter 2 and Quarter 3.
When we are making decisions about marketing, we should sometimes use the theories from the lessons we learnt in our class. For example, we took the Product Life Cycle into consideration when we were making decisions about the product strategies.
Teamwork is always important. We had met some dilemma in the process of the Maven exercises, our group members discussed with each other. At first, there were some conflict in our thoughts. But with the help of coordination, we found helpful and corporate measures. Actually, the competition